Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Take That thousands of fans expected in Glasgow

Take That thousands of fans expected in Glasgow as the band takes the stage in the National Stadium.

The band sold out three nights at Hampden for the Progress tour as part of performing.

In concert with a fan and have been asked to act responsibly on the road.

The warning comes after the Manchester Royal Infirmary on more than 100 women were admitted to accident and emergency department in the City concerts this month because they get so drunk I got.

Kings Park and Mount Florida to Glasgow Central train to be very busy people to plan their trip and their last train home is going to know what time will be suggested.

British Transport Police said a queuing system in operation for the city's concerts will be at Union Station.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Take That - Progress Tour - pictures

Take That a problem during performances at Manchester Stadium

Take That a problem of Manchester Stadium on Saturday City (4 June) during their performance of the robot because of the phase error is resolved.

The incident occurred during the song 'Love Love' and left singers Mark Owen and Howard Donald stranded in the palms of the robot, called Om.

They were forced to perform more in this era of his colleagues from the rest of the band before crew members arrived with a ladder 'Never Forget' song.

Om finally solved the problem and to work for the show is over.

In a statement, the group said: "There is no guarantee that with a mechanical structure the size of Om, there will be no recurrence at some point but all seems fine now."